The Doninican Republic

is placed in the caribean sea and includes with its 48500 qkm a territory which is a little larger than Switzerland. It has about 8 million inhabitants. About 3 million of them live in the capital, Santo Domingo. Most of the population is catholic. But in the Dom.Rep. they have freedom of religion. In this country there is a big mixture of different races, there are about 15% white, 5% black and 80% mulattos. The medical care with about 9000 doctors and 128 hospitals is very good.

The peninsula Samana

The peninsula Samana is one of the most genuine regions of the Dom.Rep.. This caribean dream is expressed by wonderful landscapes, lonely beaches and happy people. This peninsula is a nature-paradise with different landscapes par away from out-trampled tourist-paths. Every spring innumerable people come to Samana to see an unique natural phenomenon - hundrets of whales appear in the Bay of Samana for taking on lease: an unforgettable adenture.